"Love and gratitude are the words which encapsulate the absolute code of the Universe."

Lazarev S. N.

Author, Researcher, Philosopher

7 Reasons to Take the Course


You will gain a feeling of an absolute and unconditional love and acceptance.


You will learn how to maturely resolve conflicts.


You will no longer have all of the world's weight on your shoulders. Ease and love will take up your soul. You will discover new ways of expressing yourself. There will be no room for agression in your life, but acceptance and peace.


You will understand what the dialectical approach is. You will learn how to let go the aggression and resentments and how to fully accept everyone and everything. You will know how to calmly perceive anything that comes your way.


By accepting your ancestors you will help your descendants. You will resolve the unhealthy attachments in your family. You will transmute your childhood traumas.


You will find a unity with others. You will realize that it's not that hard to change your unhealthy habits. You will turn your resentments into gratitude.


You will discover joy and continuous love. You'll transform your fears. You'll accept all of the events from the past with gratitude. You'll realize that the external and inner happiness - are interconnected. You will get a clear vision of your steps for the upcoming month.

How the Course Works?

The course is comprised of 10 lessons. You can study using the device that's most convenient for you — be it your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

New lessons are released every Tuesday and Friday.

What the Course Offers

You are given one theme for every three days to work on. Each theme has its own lessons. A workbook is designed in order for you to conveniently track your personal progress.

It is recommended to print the workbook before the course starts.

Step 1 — Repentance and Forgiveness
Step 2 Repentance
Step 3 The Main Enemies of the Individual
Step 4 Overcoming Despondency
Step 5 Humility
Step 6 Resolving resentments, judgements, and despite
Step 7 The Art of Conflict
Step 8 Three-Day Fast
Step 9 Help for Descendants
Step 10 Maintaining Love

Pricing Plans

Access to the lessons

For the non-mentor plan, the access is maintained for 3 months, while in the mentor plan, it lasts for 6 months


In the mentor plan, participants get an assistance for any technical or organizational issue (available in the chat). Moreover, they will be guided on how to independently solve the life lessons using Lazarev S. N.'s system.


Meditations are included to help remove any negative vibrations and prepare your spirit for work.


Assignments are designed to reinforce the knowledge gained in practice.


for an effective engagement with the main course theme and for tracking personal progress.

Educational videos

from Lazarev S. N.

Lazarev S.N. explores the interconnection between the state of the soul and one's destiny, illustrating how the thoughts, feelings, and actions impact not only the health and the future of self, but also one's descendants.

  • 30 years of research
  • Over 1 million students globally
  • 35 books translated into 16 languages
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"In order to change the world you have to start with yourself".

Lazarev S. N.
Author, Researcher, Philosopher